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ICT Minister Visits Ulkasemi

ICT Minister Visits Ulkasemi

The honorable ICT Minister Mustafa Jabbar visits Ulkasemi on July 13, 2018. The MD of Ulkasemi, Mr. Enayetur Rahman presented the current scenerio and the prospect of Semiconductor design industry in Bangladesh. He also illustrated the problems and the opportunities of this industry for the Bangladeshi engineers and companies. See more photos..
Ulkasemi Picnic 2018

Annual Picnic 2018 to Cox's Bazar & St. Martin

To encourage employee bonding and organizational integration through social and recreational time - where participatory quality interaction is achieved, Ulkasemi regularly arranges Picnic and Employee Social Days.
This year’s event was from 7th till 10th February 2018 in Cox’s Bazar and St.Martin. Board members and senior management, including the CEO, participated in the event. Spontaneous social mingling, games and talent shows marked the total event.
The fun-filled days of the retreat gives everyone the opportunity to reinvent and rejuvenate the Power of Us. Ulkasemi’s random survey amongst the new entrants revealed that the most unique feature according to them is the event.
“Biggest social retreat with peers”, said Shayadul. “The most exciting beach games”, said Masud, while Amjad appreciated the campfire. Fariha reflected, “I never had any idea that you can have such caring and passionate guardian angels in your workplace.”
Ulkasemi aims at creating newer laurels at newer heights, striving to attain and maintain the competitiveness of the unique caliber of its human resources. “Ulkasemi places immense importance in the power of mentorship”, noted the CEO, “One of the prerequisite of a consistent energized work force is an able leadership capacity which nurtures the emerging cascade of empowered team members”. See more photos..

Industrial Attachment of MIST, 2017

Ulkasemi conducts various exposure and exchange program with different academia. Ulkasemi believes that growth and interest in the fields of semiconductor design and related services can be enhanced by its theme Connect, Collaborate, and Innovate.
Recently Ulkasemi had a exposure program with arm forces academic institute MIST (Military Institute of Science and Technology) from 26th November, 2017 to 23rd December,2017. Total 36 students attended this event which included lectures, practical exercises and feed back.
Thus, though these types of events the organization takes initiative to generate interest for the semiconductor and related sector and help this nascent field of the country.

Ulkasemi is participating NABC 2017

Ulkasemi has participated NABC 2017 event. NABC stands for North American Bengali Conference. This is a platform where a big crowd attend different programs and enjoy together. It's a kind of get together and an opportunity to talk and share greetings with a number of Bengali people living USA.